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Grape CreekHigh School

All the staff at GCISD our pumped up and ready to start a new school year!! We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate and love our students, families, and community and to welcome you all back from the summer break!! WELCOME BACK!!!  The first day of school is Monday August 22, 2022!!  Please be sure that you get all of your high school registration completed ASAP.
Teresa Rios » Spanish 2

Spanish 2

Welcome!! I am Teresa Rios and I am teaching Spanish 2, this year.
We will be using Chrome books as the year gets going and throughout the year.  
My goal is for students to enjoy and learn Spanish at a more immediate level and strive to get to an advance level.  We will do several projects throughout the year to incorporate culture and more language.  
I am looking forward to a good year!!
Students will need the following school supplies:
- 1 inch binder
- notebook paper(wide or college is fine)
- pen(blue or black)
Our book can be accessed through mobile phone, tablet, or computer by using the following link. -
The link works best by using Google Chrome.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, my conference is 2nd period - 8:35 - 9:21.
My Schedule
  7:45 -   8:31   1st period   -  Spanish 2
  8:35 -   9:21   2nd period  -  Conference
  9:25 - 10:11   3rd period   -  Spanish 2
10:15 - 11:01   4th period   -  Spanish 2/1
11:05 - 11:51   5th period   -  Spanish 2
11:55 - 12:26   WINGS
12:26 - 12:56   LUNCH
  1:00 -   1:46   6th period  -  Spanish 2
  1:50 -   2:36   7th period  -  Spanish 2
  2:40 -   3:25   8th period  -  Spanish 2
My room number is 102.